Razor cut Short hair cut fo Tokyo hair salon MINT


How have you been recently that during this tough time.

Hope you are well🙏

Thank you for choosing our salon today🙏

Also Thank you for introducing us from





This time we were talking about how to cut that razor cut✂︎✂︎

We have some tool that for hair cut.

I often use razor for hair cut💇‍♀️💇‍♂️

Of course,

Depends on type of hair also

What would you want.

The customer got razor hair cut in original country all the time.

So he was looking for razor hair cut in Tokyo🗼

I know

Some of people love razor hair cut.


Some of people hate razor hair cut.


I just want to say many times.

Our priority is customer who are you✌️

I want to make you happiness through your hair🙏

Please let me know,

your hair trouble and issues.

It will be clear.



We have some hair stylist who can speak English.

You will be satisfied😊🙏

We are looking forward to seeing you in the salon.

Please stay healthy be safe💪

Stay strong💪


✂︎For those who don’t have a specific hairstylist✂︎

We will choose specific techniques for you.

We hope,

You could find specific hair stylists in Tokyo.

We would like to help you😊

We have some hairstylist who has the experience to do a diversity of hair.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

❤️Happy hair, happy life❤️

Thank you so much


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