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I’m Misaki by MINT hair salon in Ebisu.
Hope you are well and healthy.
The day before, Muslim students came our salon.
They are so busy to study online class.
Thank you for coming our salon in the time.
They got big changes that short bob with asymmetry design.
They always have Hijab.
Mostly people who has Hijab,
They have some stiff neck and head.
I can help you!
We have special service that is organic cream head spa.
It’s head massage that can do deep cleansing too.
It helps to be healthy scalp.
You can get coupons!!
① CUT + Head spa (with Carbon)
Deep cleansing and improving blood circulation
② CUT + Head spa (with Sea mud)
Deep cleansing and mineral supplementation
③ CUT + Head spa (with organic oil) + Face massage 
Deep cleansing and lymphatic massage with face
We will give you relaxing time for you.
MINT salon has specific time that Muslim time.
We help them only women specialist.
Also we have private room.
Please don’t worry about it.
Please contact us 
I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.
MINT Misaki
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