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Hello, this is Misaki from Ebisu hair salon MINT!

Lately, there have been many male customers dressed femininely.

I personally have felt a discomfort towards the word “dressing femininely”.

To dress = to fabricate yourself with clothes or jewelry. Or to show as if you are.


For me it is just, the customer is dressing very cutely

They like a gender-neutral persona , they want to live as a woman

They like cute things

I believe everyone has different preferences and I try to bring out each customers preference through a haircut or wig cut.

The customer identifies within themselves, and request a cut that naturally fits them, so it is “to dress”.

I don’t know if this makes sense….

But, for those who want to continue to get cuter, or want to enhance their cuteness,

those who want to try dressing femininely, that haven’t done it but want to try

I am very happy that you can be open with me and we can try it together! Please come if you have any requests!

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